Barangaroo Park, Sydney’s New Gem

Barangaroo Park, Sydney’s New Gem

Barangaroo is one of the world’s best urban renewal projects and Sydney’s new waterfront park opened late 2015. It is situated on the western Harbour foreshore of Sydney’s CBD near Millers Point, Walsh Bay and Darling Harbour.

A once not only neglected area but also closed off to the public for more than 100 years,is transforming Sydney’s waterfront and alluring thousands to visit it.



Barangaroo is part of the local government area of the City of Sydney and was part of the territory of the Cadigal people, the traditional owners of the Sydney city region.

An area of great importance to Aboriginal Cadigal people as it was their hunting and fishing region.




So it is rewarding to see that an Aboriginal name, after a state-wide naming competition, has been given to it.

But who was Barangaroo?

Barangaroo was a woman of the Cameragal people, an Aboriginal clan which was the custodian of the land and waters of the lower north shore of Sydney Harbour.

Historians believe that she was present at the first meeting between the white newcomers and Cameragal women at Manly in February 1788.

A woman who refused to put on clothes and had knowledge of laws, rituals and lots of authority. Her second husband was Bennelong, whose name is given to the land that Sydney’s Opera House is built on.



Barangaroo Reserve is one of the three projects in the region and well worth a visit.

There are a number of ways that you could reach it, but I personally enjoyed walking through the new Wynyard Walk, the 180-metre tunnel connecting Sydney’s CBD to the Barangaroo waterfront.

In around six minutes, you can find yourself in the parkland which is home to 75,000 native plants of 84 different species, most native to the Sydney region.



Walk around and enjoy spectacular harbour views from the terraced gardens and the Harbour Bridge from the northern end and finish with a coffee or a bite at one of the new venues that have opened on The Streets of Barangaroo.


Oh! Almost forgot. It is one of the few places within a stone’s throw of Sydney CBD where you can take your shoes and socks off. Wander to the waters edge and take a dip in Sydney Harbour.