Colloquialism – An Art Form


Colloquialism – An Art Form Just why is the Australian English so difficult to understand at times.

Sometimes you are deciding what to do in your next destination. Sydney comes to mind. But it is so so far away from the rest of the world. You are rewarded with a a modern metropolis. Blended with it’s historical past that just makes sense to the open-minded.

But (and it becomes a big but)….

You wonder out loud (if you are like me and talk to yourself) what should I do when I get to Sydney.

So much to see. You are bombarded with images of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and a visit to the world famous Bondi Beach is a must on the to do list. However, you are leaving behind an opportunity to explore and discover so much more that witnessing these attractions. Taking plenty of photos just pales into a ‘so what’ outcome.


But did you ever stop to question how it came to pass? How did evolve? Looking at the sights only gives you a a what now perspective. Click here to read an independent review. Dig deeper and you get to know the background of the city. Sometimes you can set-aside a couple of hours to get the insider’s knowledge. Someone that has grown-up in the city and witnessed first-hand how the Emerald City (Sydney) evolved. How did it come to be known as one of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world. Voted by you the travelling public.

But as I said, you are only scratching the surface is if all you do is take pictures. Get behind the scenes and get to know the fabric of what makes Sydney tick? How did the language evolve? Australians speak a peculiar type of English (Colloquialism – an art form). And only a local can fully explain the complexities of the language. Check here for a quick Aussie language lesson. Want more? Make sure you ask that your local guide is Aussie compliant.


Discover incomplete historical buildings, marginalised lane-ways, the narrow streets with odd building alignments. How the convicts and free settlers coped with the competition of avarice and greed in forming the fabric of the fledgling colony. How did it come to pass that Australia become the first and last country to have rum as the basis of it’s currency?

All this and more is revealed on this 2 hour eco-friendly walk. Get availability and a full outline of what to expect here.


Quite simply if you visit Sydney and just wander along the popular paths you are just missing out on expanding your knowledge about Sydney. Whatever you decide, get down to the nitty-gritty and really explore what makes Sydney such an exciting city.

2016 Certificate Of Excellence

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