How do I make a reservation

How can I get pricing and itinerary details?
Simply visit our information request page or follow the link and let us know which tours you would like us to send you information about.
When I make an enquiry or booking is my privacy respected and protected?
Yes, most definitely!
How do I make a booking?
To reserve your place, simply visit our booking request page  where you can either make your booking on-line using our secure on-line facilities or off-line by creating a printable booking form that you can fax or post back to us for confirmation.

Booking online

How do I arrange my travel before and after the tour?
As we are joined by people from all over the world, your travel before and after our tours is not included in our pricing structure. This gives you the freedom to choose the most appropriate travel options that suit your plans and the awards program you belong to.

All of our rendezvous are arranged to be easily achieved either with the help of your travel agent, or for the more adventurous, by booking your flights and connections directly with the airlines. Naturally we provide all of the information and assistance that you ( or your agent ) will require.

Please note: Some travel agents may need to charge a small handling fee for booking your flights.

Details of the rendezvous and finish point locations and times are included in our pricing and itinerary details.

If you have any questions or would like our advice about your travel arrangements or with any other details please contact us.

Also, if you would like us to give you a call to discuss your plans or for advice, please let us know the best time and number to contact you on.