Save the world

Save The World By Travelling

10306320_754954524549350_1689512641591133120_nIs it possible to take a vacation and save the world? Join one of our  “Indulge into your Senses ” tours  and give back up to 5% to the cause of your choice or to one of our charity partners
Who knew it was so easy to save the world?

Go Local Tours is run as a business with a conscience, where profit isn’t our sole definition of success . We believe in treating the people and local suppliers we do business with fairly and lending support to the causes that we believe in. We make an effort where possible to support pro-poor tourism ventures and ensure that the benefits of travel are distributed more equitably in the societies we visit .

One of the key pillars of our responsibility policy is community , and our aim is to work with our communities to help them to improve their sustainability and well being .Two key ways we do this are our “Making a Difference ” Community Dividend Fund and through charity partnerships.

Community Dividend Fund

The Community Dividend is our way of giving back to the local communities we visit .We set aside a percentage of our profit into a  special fund, and local good causes and charities can apply for grants of between $100 and $1000 .

Charity partners
We are proud of supporting charities in which we believe.





Pack for a Purpose  The Namara Village School & Kindergarten was founded in 1980. The school serves 85 children from ages 3 through 13 years old. There are four classrooms and four teachers teaching eight classes, as two grades are taught together in each room. Once the children finish their years at the primary school the majority then attend boarding school on the main island of Vitu Levu for their high school education. Click Here for what is needed.