Smooth Festival of Chocolate The Rocks Sydney

Chocolate chocolate chocolate everywhere! A chocoholics nightmare turns into a dream come true.

What better to do on a cloudy Sunday morning than indulge into chocolate?



Centuries ago, the Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were the gift of the god of wisdom Quetzalcoatl. And I am sure not many will disagree with that.

Being so valuable as to be used as currency and a privilege for the upper class once upon a time, chocolate is an obsession!


Brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors,the bitter drink was sweetened with cane sugar and cinnamon and immediately began a symbol of luxury, wealth and power.

Nowadays you do not need to be a royal to enjoy it but still chocolate is Divine!

And if you agree with me, you were also somewhere there, around the Rocks today.



The smooth festival of chocolate was back this year for 2 days, September 10 & 11 at Sydney’s favourite neighbourhood the Rocks. Imagine the surprise for the convict larrikins, living in these sandstone terraces and cottages, if they could see their neighbourhood today.

Wouldn’t that be a convicts dream?


With more than 90 mouth-watering stalls, spreading from the First Fleet Park to Campbell’s Cove and Argyle & Playfair Streets, it was a visitors paradise.

After popular demand, they even had an array of gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options to ensure that everyone wouldn’t leave without a dose of chocolate this year.




The Smooth Festival of Chocolate has partnered with master chocolatiers Lindt, who had signed on as the event’s major sponsor in conjunction with Property NSW.

And once again, Callebaut and Kneel Kitchens hosted the test kitchen featuring live demonstrations from some of Sydney’s best dessert chefs, including leading patissier and owner of Black Start Pastry, Christopher Thè, Carlos Heng of Mak Mak Macarons and French patissier, Jean-Michel Raynaud from La Renaissance Patisserie.

Located inside the Cargo Hall of the Overseas Passenger Terminal, the Chocolatiers’ Quarters  housed artisan chocolatiers showcasing their finest products.




Chocoholics –don’t miss it next year!